Low Voltage insulators

different types of epoxy and polyester low-voltage pin insulators by GIPRO

Low voltage Insulators for switchgear

GIPRO offers different types of epoxy and polyester low-voltage post insulators.

Low voltage is usually understood to mean voltage levels of up to 1000 / 1500V. GIPRO low-voltage insulators made from cast resin are available in sizes from 20 to 100 mm and can be used up to an operating voltage of 4000 V. The thread sizes are available in a range from M5 to M16, adapted to the dimensions of the insulators.

The polyester insulators are available in construction heights of 12 to 100 mm in different geometries and go up to an operating alternating voltage up to 8000 V. The polyester insulators are partly also available with stud bolts.

GIPRO manufactures the insulators from cast resins for indoor use. For special requirements, the same insulator geometries can also be produced with a UV and weather-resistant cycloaliphatic casting resin, if desired.

Please contact our sales department for details and drawings of the insulators.

You are offered a range of epoxy resin insulators or those made of polyester (red).

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