Code of Conduct GIPRO

Code of Conduct

GIPRO has established the following Code of Conduct in order to publicly comment on the most important topics of corporate responsibility.

1 Social responsibility and respect for human rights

GIPRO GmbH is committed to respecting and upholding human rights in all of its business activities and will not tolerate any actions that violate human rights. GIPRO GmbH will also ensure that its suppliers and partners comply with similar principles.

- Prohibition of forced labor: GIPRO GmbH prohibits any form of forced labor, whether physical or psychological. The employment of employees is on a voluntary basis and without the use of threats, pressure or coercion.

- Prohibition of child labor: GIPRO GmbH rejects child labor and does not work with suppliers or partners who tolerate or support child labor in any form.

- Fair remuneration: GIPRO GmbH is committed to paying fair wages and salaries that comply with legal requirements and industry standards. Discrimination in pay based on gender, race, religion, nationality, disability or other protected characteristics will not be tolerated.

- Fair working conditions: GIPRO GmbH ensures that its employees:inside work in safe and healthy working conditions that comply with applicable laws and regulations. GIPRO GmbH uses reasonable working hours, breaks and rest periods and discriminatory, harassing or violent behavior in the workplace will not be tolerated.

- Equal treatment and inclusion: GIPRO GmbH ensures that all employees are treated fairly and equally regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or other protected characteristics. Discrimination, bullying or harassment in the workplace will not be tolerated. GIPRO GmbH is committed to an inclusive work environment that values diversity and the different perspectives of its employees.

- Occupational Health and Safety: GIPRO GmbH takes all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees in the workplace. This includes providing safe working conditions, identifying and eliminating sources of danger, training employees on health and safety guidelines, and establishing emergency plans and evacuation procedures.

- Freedom of Association: GIPRO GmbH respects the right of its employees to organize and bargain collectively. Employees will not be disciplined, discriminated against or threatened for exercising their right to freedom of association.

2 Ecological Responsibility

GIPRO GmbH recognizes its responsibility to protect the environment and strivesj to promote environmentally friendly practices in all business activities. This includes reducing environmental impacts, protecting natural resources and promoting environmental protection measures.

- Consumption of natural resources and environmental protection: GIPRO GmbH uses natural resources responsibly and takes measures to minimize the environmental impact of its activities. This includes the efficient use of energy and water, the reduction of waste and emissions, and the protection of natural ecosystems.

- Environmental Management System: GIPRO GmbH establishes and maintains an effective environmental management system to assess, monitor and minimize environmental impacts. GIPRO GmbH also ensures compliance with all relevant environmental laws, regulations and standards.

- Waste, Wastewater and Emissions: GIPRO GmbH treats and disposes of waste and emissions responsibly, in accordance with applicable environmental laws and regulations. GIPRO GmbH strives to reduce waste water and emissions and to promote environmentally friendly disposal methods.

- Chemicals: GIPRO GmbH ensures the safe handling of chemicals and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations regarding the use, storage and disposal of chemicals. GIPRO GmbH also ensures that all employees:inside are adequately trained to handle chemicals safely.

3 Ethical Business Conduct

GIPRO GmbH is committed to the highest standards of integrity, transparency and ethical business conduct in all business activities. Employees of GIPRO GmbH are required to comply with laws, regulations and ethical standards and to be honest, fair and responsible in their actions.

- Prohibition of corruption, bribery, taking advantage: GIPRO GmbH prohibits any form of corruption, bribery or taking advantage. Employees may not accept or offer bribes or improper benefits in order to gain unfair business advantages. All business relationships of GIPRO GmbH must be based on fair and transparent principles.

- Avoidance of conflicts of interest: Employees of GIPRO GmbH should avoid conflicts of interest and ensure that their personal interests do not conflict with the interests of GIPRO GmbH. Employees should disclose potential conflicts of interest and take appropriate measures to ensure impartial decision-making.

- Objectivity in audits and assessments: GIPRO GmbH expects its employees to act objectively and without bias in audits, reviews or assessments of business processes, financial data or other relevant aspects of business operations. All audits and reviews must be conducted in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.

- Fair Competition: GIPRO GmbH strives to promote fair and open competition and to comply with all applicable competition laws and regulations. Unfair competition, such as cartelization, price fixing or market manipulation, is strictly prohibited.

- Money Laundering, Export and Control Laws: GIPRO GmbH strictly adheres to all applicable laws and regulations regarding money laundering, export control and trade embargoes. Employees are required to report suspicious activities and to comply with applicable export and control regulations in international business relationships.

- Confidentiality and data protection: GIPRO GmbH protects all confidential information of customers, business partners or employees and uses confidential information only for business purposes. Employees are obligated to maintain confidentiality and data protection and not to disclose any confidential information without appropriate authorization.

- Protection of know-how, patents, trade and business secrets: GIPRO GmbH recognizes the importance of know-how, patents, trade and business secrets as valuable assets and is committed to protecting this information. Employees:are required to use confidential information only for business purposes and not to disclose or use it without authorization.

- Non-disclosure agreements: Employees of GIPRO GmbH who have access to confidential information are required to sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure confidentiality and protection of know-how, patents, trade and business secrets. These agreements are binding and must be adhered to.

- Restricted Access to Confidential Information: Access to confidential information of GIPRO GmbH is restricted to those employees who need this information to perform their professional duties. Employees may not disclose confidential information to third parties unless they have been authorized to do so.

- Careful handling of confidential information: GIPRO employees are required to handle confidential information with care and to take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access or loss. Confidential information must not be stored or transmitted in unsecured environments or on unsecured devices.

- No use of confidential information for personal gain: Employees of GIPRO GmbH must not use confidential information for personal gain or unauthorized use for their own or third party interests. Any use of confidential information for personal gain or advantage is strictly prohibited.

- Continuation of obligations beyond the employment relationship: The obligations to protect know-how, patents, trade and business secrets apply beyond the end of the employment relationship with GIPRO GmbH. Employees are required to continue to maintain confidentiality and protect confidential information even after termination of the employment relationship.

- Training and awareness: GIPRO GmbH holds regular training sessions and conducts awareness-raising measures for its employees in order to increase awareness of the protection of know-how, patents, trade and business secrets.

- Reporting violations: Employees are required to report any violations of the Code of Conduct immediately. Violations can be reported directly to the management or HR department or anonymously via the mailbox. When violations are reported, GIPRO GmbH will take appropriate measures to investigate violations and draw appropriate consequences. Employees who report violations do not have to fear any reprisals.