About GIPRO - Quality Epoxy Insulator Manufacturer

High-Voltage testing lab for Insulators at GIPRO

Known and reliable Insulator Supplier for the Electrotechnical Industry

For our international industrial customers we produce individual and custom-tailored Epoxy Insulators and supply also Silicone Insulators with our quality partners.

GIPRO has built a reputation as a reliable insulator supplier within the electrical engineering and construction industry.

GIPRO’s strength lies in its expert solutions, which are applied from the insulator development stage onwards. GIPRO’s extensive experience of working with cast resin insulators dates back to 1987. We look back on insulator manufacturing over more than 30 years in our Austrian production site in Peggau.

On 4.000 m² GIPRO offers a machine park of more than 30 insulator manufacturing machines, equipped with most modern and automated production methods. Therefore we are able to produce high-quality insulators at a reasonable price-level.

GIPRO is a medium sized European company with high-skilled employees and Austrian owners who consider long-term partnership and stable growth as their values.

We place highest importance on both insulator quality and company service standards. For this reason we view not only faultless delivery, test documentation and product durability, but also a customised approach to logistics and punctual delivery as the trademarks of our superior insulator quality.

Based on this alone, we continually work to optimise our business processes, with employee support and development taking priority. Both professionalism and comprehensive technical and economic expertise are central to our daily work. Health and safety in the workplace are of very high importance.

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