Epoxy Insulators & Epoxy Bushings

Highest quality - fair pricing. The world of insulators at GIPRO

GIPRO's World of Epoxy Insulators and Epoxy Bushings

You will find a suitable epoxy insulator or bushing solution for your specific requirement at GIPRO.

We offer you some standard insulators for low-voltage and medium-voltage applications as well as insulators for pantographs from 1kV to 25kV or third-rail insulators. Find more in Railway-Insulators.

Furthermore GIPRO is specialized in casting of customized epoxy insulators for indoor and outdoor application in the common voltage levels, in particular for smart grid sensors.

Especially indoor medium voltage bushings are made with highest quality.
A huge amount of different epoxy plugs for cable connectors is leaving GIPRO's factory every year.

Together with our production partners we provide also white insulators for high-voltage with aluminum fillers and composite-insulators with silicone coating.

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