High Voltage Insulators

GIPRO epoxy Insulators for instrument transformers

Customized cast-resin insulators and bushings

We are your manufacturer of insulation parts for high voltage applications. These are almost all made to customer specifications. Learn more about our insulators.

GIPRO has broad experience in epoxy casting of customized insulation parts which meet all quality, durability and efficiency requirements for bushings and epoxy terminals used in high-stress, high voltage applications.

All of GIPRO’s measurement and inspection systems are designed to provide a professional product assessment, which is especially important when it comes to customized high voltage insulators. In addition to the necessary production knowledge, we also produce specialist resin formulas to create the optimum relationship between different technical product characteristics and meet specific customer requirements e.g. temperature stability, application temperature, rupture resistance, mechanical strain, etc. This means that both essential safety standards and durability are guaranteed when it comes to energy transmission.

Together with partners GIPRO offers you as well white insulators made from aluminium oxide filled resins for SF6 High-Voltage switchgear.

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