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GIPRO is checking for best pricing and best influences on the world, thus our CSR-policies

Corporate Social Responsibility

As well-known insulator manufacturer GIPRO is constantly thriving for improvement in all aspects of its work.

The customer is always of central importance and we are also aware that long-term market success requires professional management.

For this reason alone, we are always working to change and optimise our business processes, with employee support and development taking priority. It is our aim, that all employees join the GIPRO education and training programs.

We fully respect the personal dignity, the sphere of personal privacy and the personal rights of each person. We work with people from different ethnical backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, independent from handicaps, skin colour, sexual identity, individual world view or their sex. We don’t accept any discrimination based on the mentioned characteristics, nor sexual harassment or other personal attacks on individuals or specific groups. Additionally we take care of an adequate, fair and prompt payment of our employees based on their individual skills and effort.

We believe that management should involve a holistic, inclusive approach to achieving the company’s founding principles. Employees who not only know what their role is, but also understand why it is essential to the company’s overall success have a motivated approach to their work and to the business. The high importance afforded to health and safety in the workplace and the focus on continual improvement also play important roles in employee satisfaction. We are committed to eliminating work-related illnesses and injuries by constantly monitoring working conditions.

Environment and Carbondioxide-Targets

Our manufacturing processes are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment and incorporate a conscientious approach to resource management. Key environmental factors are being continually identified and evaluated. We are constantly working on improving and reducing our CO2 footprint and are constantly setting new reduction targets together with our customers.

We understand the importance of our responsibilities towards both our employees and our natural surroundings and act accordingly.

We comply precisely with legal requirements and official restrictions on manufacturing and are certified in accordance with product-relevant standards. In addition, all of the above are subject to a continuous monitoring programme.

GIPRO gains new projects and orders in a fair manner and sells quality insulators because of our reasonable prices and not because of offering incorrect or forbidden advantages to others. Our employees are strongly prohibited to give or offer incorrect advantages to others (directly and indirectly). Each offer, each promise or each contribution has to be in accordance with applicable law and has to avoid any idea of improbity or inappropriateness.

This CSR-policy is an integrated part of GIPRO’s business strategy. That’s why we expect also our suppliers and other business partners worldwide to follow our CSR-policy and its regulations.

GIPRO periodically measures and analyses the progress of all intended improvements using our integrated KPI system. This means that changes are permanently monitored, enabling us to act promptly and appropriately.