Capacitor bushings - Power Capacitor Insulators


Epoxy bushings for power-capacitors

We manufacture capacitor-bushings with indoor epoxy as well as with cycloaliphatic epoxy resins for outdoor applications. Find out more.

Power capacitors are electrical capacitors, which are used both in electrical power engineering and power electronics as well as in the high-voltage technology.

GIPRO manufactures customized capacitor-bushings from both indoor casting resin as well as from cycloaliphatic epoxy resins for outdoor applications.

One speciality of our solutions is the treaded-ring, which GIPRO casts with the same epoxy cast-resin as the capacitor bushing. So you get a one stop-solution for your bushing supply. With customized epoxy bushings for capacitors you can easily replace other bushings models, like porcelain bushings or other thermoplastic bushings for capacitor banks.

GIPRO can manufacture the bushings withour bolt (for later installation) or with bolt safely casted into the epoxy resin matrix. The bolt could be treated with tin or silver galvanization, or other customer-specific solutions.

Why you don't find a catalog here?
GIPRO exclusively produces capacitor bushings according to customer requirements in series beginning with 1,000 pieces and therefore does not provide standard insulators. All pictures are examples of possible casting parts.

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