Third Rail Insulators

Conductor Rail Insulation GIPRO

Solid epoxy insulators for Third Rail / Conductor Rail

We provide UV and weather resistant third-rail insulators, powerrail or conductor-rail insulators made of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin formulations. Learn more here.

Third-rail systems are providing electric traction power to trains, and they use an additional rail (called a "conductor rail") for that purpose. In most systems, the conductor rail is placed on the sleeper end outside the running rails. The conductor rail is supported on ceramic pot insulators, cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators or insulated brackets, typically at intervals of around 3-6 meters. In recent years the outdated ceramic insulators are more and more replaced by epoxy third rail insulators. The advantage of cyclo epoxy insulators are the possibility to use the mounting situation of the existing third rail. No bigger construction change is necessary. Cycloaliphatic Epoxy conductor rail insulators can be cast in nearly every required geometry and design and are therefore very flexible.

Our cycloaliphatic insulators are certified acc. NF F standards 16-101 and 16-102. For some types we also offer fire & smoke certifications acc. to ASTM D635, E662 standards.

For reasons of data protection, you will find here only a limited selection of possible casting variations. In fact, GIPRO has realized more track insulators.

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