Insulator technology

Offering a high quality machine park for insulator production for all specific needs | GIPRO

State-of-the-art insulator
manufacturing technology

GIPRO has the right equipment for all individual insulators and bushings manufacturing requirements.

The equipment for manufacturing insulators, plugs and bushings ranges from Standard APG machines to a variety of moulding machines of our own design.

Vacuum and hand moulding facilities complete our range of machinery:

  • APG - Automatic pressure gelation machines with a maximum clamping area of 1200 x 1200 mm
  • Vacuum moulding
  • Open-channel moulding

Resin production is controlled and monitored by computer systems. Regular quality checks and technical inspections are carried out throughout the production process.

Modern equipment and certified raw materials guarantee consistently high quality source materials. Our suppliers are selected according to strict criteria and are required to undergo periodic audits.

Epoxy resins and preparation

Cast resin systems for insolutor production at the manufacturing grounds of GIPRO

GIPRO cast resin systems

- High Speed Indoor Epoxy System
- CEP Outdoor Epoxy System
- HCEP Outdoor Epoxy System
- High Temperature Epoxy System

Preparing the epoxy for casting

GIPRO epoxy preparation

- Multiple fully computerised, non-stop production facilities with pipelines to the sealing machines and the vacuum casting chamber
- A range of batch mixers

Machines for constructing and casting of epoxy insultors at GIPRO