Pantograph Insulators

An ÖBB Railjet using Railway Insulators by GIPRO

Railway Insulators for Locomotives, Pantographs, Tramways and Trolley Busses

We produce insulators for rail vehicles and for applications within local transport networks, including trams and metros. We are happy to support you.

GIPRO produces rolling stock insulators for rail vehicles as well as for railway applications within local transport networks, including tramways and metros. Our customers include the biggest names in pantograph manufacturing, as well as a considerable number of train operating companies.
In addition to standard products such as support insulators or third rail insulators, GIPRO can also manufacture isolators for the roof garden either adapted to meet customer requirements or developed entirely new in partnership with the customer.

The cycloaliphatic outdoor cast-resin is certified acc. EN 45545 and NF F 16-101 and 16-102 standards. For some types we also offer fire & smoke certifications acc. to ASTM D635, E662 standards.

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