Railway Insulators - Pantograph and Third rail insulators

Cycloaliphatic Insulators for Railcars

Welcome to GIPRO's Railway isolators for Rolling Stock and Third Rail.

GIPRO manufactures Pantograph Insulators, Tramway Insulators, Trolley Bus Insulators and Third Rail Insulators made from Epoxy. Let us support you.

We divide our railway isolator's section on the one hand into cycloaliphatic epoxy insulators for rolling stock, which could be pantograph insulators, pin insulators and roof-line insulators for electrical locomotives, tramway insulators, trolleybus insulators and on the other hand we can engineer and manufactur third rail insulators, which are also called conductor rail insulators.

Our cyclo insulators are certified acc. EN 45545-2 and NF F 16-101 and 16-102 standards. For some types we also offer fire & smoke certifications acc. to ASTM D635, E662 standards.

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