GIPRO goes E-Mobility

As a long-standing and reliable partner of major electrical engineering companies such as ABB, Siemens, Schneider-Electric or Tyco, GIPRO has been part of the energy transition since several years. Many of our insulators and bushings are used in switches and cable connections, for example in wind turbines. Our employees are increasingly turning to more electric mobility, of course from green power.
A largely climate-neutral economy and, accordingly, environmentally friendly transport concepts require a significantly more efficient and flexible electricity distribution network than before.

About the project

The more electric vehicles are plugged into the charging station and the more hydrogen is generated with the hourly excess capacities of solar and wind energy, the higher the requirements for the power line capacities and the switching points (such as substations) at the neuralgic nodes. For years, GIPRO has provided safe insulators and bushings to power engineering giants for installations such as medium-voltage switches and transducers, which in turn have equipped local utilities with state-of-the-art technology.

However, climate protection is also a highly personal concern for us, and so we are pursuing ever more sustainable concepts in the area of employee mobility. The first company electric car of our product manager Andreas Fussi comes to the already existing e-cars of our employees Larissa Anelli-Monti (quality manager) and Heimo Plank (technology and construction). Everyone appreciates the problem-free usability and loadability of the vehicles and the simultaneously felt comfort gain of a quiet and clean car.

The vehicles can be recharged at the office parking lot - of course with 100% electricity from renewable energy sources.