Insulators for Hamburg Hochbahn

GIPRO supported the Powerlines Group Germany to develop a tailor-made product for third-rail insulation. The final customer is the Hamburger Hochbahn, which assigned the Powerlines Group with the reinstallation of busbar supports.
The Hamburger Hochbahn wanted a particularly stable and reliable redesign of the conductor rail holder including insulators made of cycloaliphatic casting resin.

About the project

As part of the development process, various designs were developed and evaluated. GIPRO has been able to bring some valuable suggestions for the insulator design and the mechanical design from the experience gained with existing track insulators. After the design freeze, a 3D printed model of the insulator and the busbar support was also produced for the end customer's product presentation. This can show the dimensions and the external design, but has no comparable mechanical or electrical properties.

GIPRO Outdoor Epoxy insulators are particularly well suited for decades of use in all weather conditions. The temperature resistance was successfully tested for a range of -40 ° to + 90 ° C in the type test. The mechanical properties of the new third rail insulators are also excellent. In the tests of the initial sampling, the required mechanical characteristic values for bending load and tensile load were exceeded by three respectively five times.

Thus, a completely safe and durable insulation is guaranteed. The cast resin used is characterized by excellent fire resistance and favourable smoke ratings. It is certified according to EN45545-1 to Hazard Level HL3 according to Requirement R23. Even according to ASTM standards, successful tests can be demonstrated.

Custom Cast Power Rail Insulators can be planned for many types of track mounts and are already in use on various light rail and metro tracks around the world. They easily withstand both low temperatures and high UV long-term exposure.