Zeiss Bosello SRE Max for GIPRO

Examine things, get to the bottom of them, right down to their core - this desire has always driven science, research and development. X-ray technology has not only offered a perfect perspective there for years. Even in the quality and process control of cast resin insulators, this reveals non-destructively what would otherwise remain hidden from even the most vigilant eyes.

GIPRO, the leader in customer-specific epoxy insulators from Peggau, relies on the highest quality standards and seamless quality control before delivery of all cast resin parts. In a multi-stage test, the parts also go through a 2D inspection with the ZEISS BOSELLO MAX to detect voids, pores, cracks and other defects with just one image.
With the investment in the second 2D X-ray system from ZEISS, GIPRO is setting new standards in the quality assurance of insulators and bushings made of cast resin. It is not just the rapid detection and visualization of defects and the ability to rectify the causes as quickly as possible that increase the efficiency of the international company. The possibility of making a target / actual comparison and seeing deviations from reference images immediately visualized is a great advantage.

Zeiss Bosello Max

The components are inspected with ZEISS BOSSELLO MAX. Rotation by 360 °, independent movement of X-ray tube and detector - this enables quick and easy assessment of the components. Via joystick or CNC-programmed, all axes can be moved effortlessly, at high speed, independently of one another, horizontally, vertically with and without tilting. A mechanical magnification axis guarantees linear and constant magnification factors.

ZEISS BOSELLO MAX is new in use in different sizes. Due to the size of the components, GIPRO decided on the models MAX 70-120 160kV and MAX 80-150 225kV. This means that the entire product portfolio can be covered.

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