RePlug Sustainability Initiative

In order for the global goals to be achieved, the industry also wants and must make its contribution to greater sustainability. A key point here is the circular economy.

The idea of sustainability is a focus for GIPRO, which is why options for reducing the CO2 footprint are constantly evaluated in order to find and implement potential.

With the new RePLUG program we have now succeeded in taking a further step in the area of sustainability. Products from production that do not meet GIPRO's high quality standards are recycled.

To achieve this, we work with Metall Schmelze Tattendorf GmbH, a Grillo Group company. Raw materials can be recovered through special processing.

The amount of waste products is reduced - energy and raw materials can be saved through recycling.
At the beginning of 2024, the first material was delivered from GIPRO to Metall Schmelze Tattendorf GmbH, thus starting the long-prepared project.

Detailed data on energy savings, CO2 reduction and recycling will soon be presented in another publication.