TE Connectivity railway switch isolated with GIPRO products

TE Connectivity chooses an innovative approach for the complex electrification of locomotive roofs and brings out the TE Next Generation Roofline system up to 25 kV for the new Siemens Velaro Novo high-speed trains. GIPRO supplies customized insulating bushings and connectors made of cast resin.
At TE, the priority is to work with clients to develop solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world. It was therefore a particular task to develop a flat, fully insulated electrical roofline solution that is part of the in-depth innovation for the Velaro Novo bullet train.

About the project

The biggest advantage of TE's Next Generation Roofline system is its aerodynamic design, which reduces air resistance and thus energy consumption on the Siemens Velaro by a remarkable 10%. 

Maintenance costs also decrease with the new system, while its improved aerodynamic profile contributes to a more comfortable passenger experience, significantly reducing noise during operation.

The system connects different TE cable systems in a central vacuum circuit breaker. The necessary bushings or dummy plugs (for unused outlets) were developed by TE with a novel fastening solution and were accompanied by GIPRO from the sampling to the production stage and manufactured using highly insulating cast resin. It was a project, that was done in mutual partnership between the engineering team of TE and the GIPRO insulator experts in Austria.

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For this application, GIPRO also supplies insulating end plugs for the TE RSTI cable connector series and so-called U-connectors for connecting two cable ends at any point on the railcar roof. You can find more information here.