New casting machines double output

The signs point to growth. That is why insulator specialist GIPRO increases its effectiveness and invests in its machinery. Three new casting machines for the production of insulators for cable connection technology have just been put into operation in Peggau. "The investment is an important step to increase the overall output and efficiency in the production of insulators and to achieve a perfect surface quality for screwable plugs made of high-quality cast resin", say the GIPRO managing team members.

The casting machines were developed according to own ideas and allow parts to be assembled and demoulded more quickly in production. This guarantees an accelerated manufacturing process with the highest surface quality of the back plugs for medium-voltage cable connectors.

CEO Martin Allitsch: The total capacity of these machines is several 100,000 pieces per year. This strengthens GIPRO's position as the market leader for customized screwable epoxy plugs.

Many years of experience in medium-voltage cable connection technology

The insulator manufacturer has many years of experience with cable terminations in all sizes (from 12 kV to 245 kV) and different geometries and is particularly specialized in the production of cast resin plugs according to customer requirements.

At GIPRO, the highest quality standards in production are met by seamless quality controls before delivery. All cast resin parts are subjected to the strictest multi-stage tests by the employees in Peggau. A high-resolution X-ray inspection, the visual inspection and electrical partial discharge tests ensure faultless delivery.

The worldwide demand for cable connection technology in the medium voltage range has been raising for years. One of the reasons for this is the increased use in underground power lines and the intense use in wind turbines. The screwable plugs are used directly in the connector for the power supply in the head of the wind turbine. This means that the isolators for cable connectors manufactured by GIPRO are also important safety-critical components for the energy transition.