ERDF co-financed investments

GIPRO Insulators has grown strongly in recent years and partially reached the limits of their machine capacities.
The logistical capacities also reach their limits at peak loads.

Therefore, a growth project for the expansion of production and logistics was set up, which is co-financed with the help of the SFG and the ERDF.

Motivation for the project 10+

Incoming orders and project prospects indicate further growth.
The project name "10+" means that if the implementation is successful, the resources will be created to be able to produce more than EUR 10 million in isolator production at the Peggau location.
This will secure jobs at the site and will likely create additional jobs as well.

This project is co-financed by the SFG and funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

The plans in detail

Development and manufacture of an innovative series of production machines (by special machine builders).

Commissioning of three machines in this series.
Rearrangement of the production facilities and additional adaptation of the necessary material supply system (cast resin).

Commissioning of an additional logistics location in the region to increase storage capacity and optimize production flows.

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