GIPRO Management Team 2023

After the successful reorganisation of GIPRO in Winter / Spring 2023 the company settles the Management-Team with Markus Grinschgl and Christoph Pichler in the Board with CEO and owner's representative Martin Allitsch.

Mr. Pichler took over the Purchasing department and some other tasks while Mr. Allitsch is the responsible for operations and production.

Personal portraits can be found below.

GIPRO insulators introduces its management team: the highly qualified professionals, with international experience, have achieved impressive results in different sectors. 
With an academic background and a strong commitment to the company's mutual success with its customers, they help them achieve their business goals. GIPRO Isolatoren believes that collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement help to provide customers with the best possible solution. The management team works hard to realize the company's vision and mission and take it to the next level. The GIPRO Isolators team looks forward to working with you!